Supasize is a clinically researched Ayurvedic health supplement designed to increase men vitality and performance.

Supasize is a herbal supplement and not a chemical product. Supasize has been clinically tested over a period of six months and no side-effects have been observed. Additionally over 10 lakh customers have taken Supasize since 2017 without any adverse reactions.

Supasize works by increasing the natural free testosterone count in the human body. Upon following the dosage regulations, you should see results within 20 days. Please note that unlike chemical supplements, Supasize results get better with time. We ideally recommend customers to take up a 3 month supply for the best possible long term results.

The recommended dosage for Supasize is 2 pills/day one 30 mins after breakfast and the other 30 mins after dinner with water or milk.

Supasize has been the subject of Clinical Research at a reputed testing facility in Bengaluru India. After six months of intensive research upon 200 candidates, Supasize was found to be very effective in increasing vitality and performance. Additionally, no adverse reaction or side effects were found.

Supasize is safe for consumption for men between the ages of 18 to 75. Since it is a herbal supplement, Supasize should be safe for people with existing illnesses such as Diabetes or Hypertension. However, we highly recommend asking your doctor in case you have any doubts.

We offer all payment options such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI or Paytm. Additionally, we offer Cash on Delivery options for customers who would like to pay upon receiving the product. We offer Rs 100 discount on all Google pay orders.



This is to inform you that Supasize is not a medicine but a side-effect free health supplement that can be taken without prescription.

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